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Charging solutions to support EV adoption in workplaces

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Advantages of Workplace EV Charging 

At ChargerCrew, we understand installing electric vehicle charging stations at your workplace offers numerous benefits. Not only does it encourage sustainable commuting, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, improves employee retention, and enhances your company's brand image.


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Inspire your workplace with EV Charging

ChargerCrew provides workplaces with comprehensive solutions to meet your electric vehicle charging needs. Provide reliable access to EV charging for staff, employees, and visitors.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Installing EV chargers shows your commitment to employee satisfaction, which will ultimately increase employee retention.

Improve Productivity

Ease your employees' minds by alleviating range and charging anxiety, and offer peace of mind knowing they can charge while they're at work. 

Enhance Your Brand Image

Attract eco-conscious customers and employees and enhance your brand as a sustainable business.

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Chargers for Workplaces

Level 2 charging solution

Level 2 ac charger

ChargePoint® CP6000

Power up your business with the Level 2 CP6000 charger. Allow employees and customers to charge up while at work with this Level 2 charging solution. Have the ability to monitor and control access times, set special rates for employees, and provide charging options for potential visitors.


  • Utilizes the universal SAE J1772 Connector
  • Up to 19kW (80 A) and 12kW (50 A), adjustable from 3.7 to 22kW per port of power
  • Is UL and cUL listed, complies with UL 2594, UL 2231 and NEC Article 625
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