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Provide convenient and sustainable charging options for your campus community, promoting environmental responsibility and embracing the future of transportation.

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Driving Sustainability Forward with Electric Vehicle Charging

At ChargerCrew, we believe in creating a sustainable future by providing educational institutions with electric vehicle charging stations. By installing our charging infrastructure on campus, universities and schools can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable initiatives and attract eco-conscious students and staff. With our comprehensive services and reliable charing solutions, we make it easy for educational institutions to embrace electric mobility and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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Brock University EV Charging Project: 4 DC Fast Chargers and 14 Level 2 Ports

Brock University

One of many educational institutions working with ChargerCrew to offer Electric Vehicle Charging.

Streamlined EV Charging Solutions for Educational Institutions

ChargerCrew offers comprehensive services tailored to the needs of educational institutions. Our team specializes in the installation, distribution, and activation of electric vehicle charging stations, providing a reliable and convenient charging infrastructure.

Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians ensure seamless installation of charging stations on your premises, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Flexible and Scalable

Ensure a hassle free charging experience for you and your customers; equip your dealership for future EV expansion.

Seamless Activation Process

Our team handles the activation process, ensuring that the charging stations are ready for immediate use by students, faculty, and staff.

Reduce carbon footprint and promote green transportation with our Charging Solutions.

ChargePoint® charging stations provide educational institutions with a sustainable solution for powering electric vehicles, helping to create a greener future.

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Brock University EV Charging Project: 4 DC Fast Chargers and 14 Level 2 Ports

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