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ChargePoint HomeFlex 240V Level 2 Home Charger (up to 12kW)

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ChargePoint Homeflex® EV Charger 

16A-50A NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 plug, 23 ft cable



Charge comfortably at home with the ChargePoint HomeFlex EV Home Charger. Ranked the #1 best consumer home EV charging station by Forbes Magazine for 3 years in a row! Fast and flexible, it can charge any EV model with the universal J1772 connector.


Fast and Powerful: Charge up to 9X faster than a standard 110V outlet.


Flexible Power Options: Supports flexible current settings from 16A up to 50A to charge any EV model on the road.

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From our Parent Site: Arntjen Clean Energy Solutions

Technical Specifications
Installation Guide
Product Info
Compatible with Any EV
The ChargePoint HomeFlexo utilizes the standard SAE J1172m Connector, so regardless of which EV you choose, you will be able to charge with HomeFlex in the comfort of your own home.
Fast and Powerful.
Charge up to 9X faster than the standard 110V wall outlet. charger, delivering up to 37 miles of driving range per hour.
Durable Hardware

The HomeFlex charger has a high-quality 23-foot cable that is easy to hang up, and stays pliable even in cold weather; and is able to charge whether inside or outdoors.

Safe and Efficient

UL Listed and ENERGY STAR certified for optimal reliability, safety, and efficiency; and a plug in option 14-50 / 6-50

Smart Charging

The HomeFlex charger can connect to any smart home devices to make it easier to charge. Set charging reminders, track your

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