Your Quick Guide to EV Charging

Your Quick Guide to EV Charging

Getting Started with Your Electric Car

Considering going electric? Just got an electric car? We're here to help. Charging any electric car with ChargePoint is easy. We have more than 109,800 places to charge, everywhere you want to go, plus an app that makes it easy to find them all. Why drive electric? It's more economical, environmentally friendly and lets you access the latest vehicle technology.

How to Start a Charge on a ChargePoint Station

Charging your electric vehicle (EV) anywhere you go is easy and convenient with ChargePoint. AC charging (sometimes called "Level 2") is your best choice for everyday charging, adding about 40 kilometers of Range Per Hour (KPH). It's a great choice anytime you’ll be parked for a few hours. You can easily find places to charge in the ChargePoint app.

Once you’re at a charging spot, here’s how to start charging.

How to Charge

  1. You have three ways to start a charge:
    • Tap your phone (signed in to the ChargePoint app) on the station.
    • Tap your ChargePoint card on the station.
    • Tap the orange “Start Charge” button in the station details page in the mobile app.
  2. Push the button on the connector and lift it out of the holster on the station.
  3. Plug the connector into your EV to start charging. Check to make sure your EV is charging.
    • TIP: Many EVs have an indicator light on the dashboard that shows if the vehicle is charging.
  4. When charging is finished, just unplug and return the connector to the station (hit the stop charging button on the station if you’re fast charging). We'll send you a receipt by text or email, and you can view your charging history in Charging Activity in the app.


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